I am a Path Finder

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Discovering My Purpose.

The very first step in a journey can be daunting, it is often a step into an unknown future, founded on hopes and desires for something new, something different. I have embarked on a path much like that and it has reminded me that I have a passion and a gift for guiding others with insightful curiosity and perception of their experiences.

I am a Soul Coach, trained in the sciences and techniques of coaching and driven by my innate skill for shifting perspectives. Together we will take an inner journey to your personal resources and strengths, empowering you to overcome obstacles and create new opportunities.

Guiding others to their own best selves with inspired intuitive empowerment practices uplifts me. I am mastering grounding, manifesting and ascension techniques, which in part, is how I became a coach. It is the ascension of my life that has brought me here. Is it time for you to start living your being?
Shall we begin?


I’m feeling so empowered.  She called me on my shit, which was fabulous. I don’t know HOW she gently and caringly unraveled my self-imposed web in 30 minutes, but I’m so excited for more.  So excited.”

– J.B.

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A life of joy is not only for those with money. If you are ready to Spiral Up but are financially limited, inquire about options like my Pay It Forward plan and barter.