A Healing Journey

Stepping Onto A New Path

I have been absent for awhile, a lot longer than intended.

It all started with a small elective surgery that took more to heal than I expected; but that wasn’t really the issue. I found myself face to face with some dark shadows of old, brought forth by the low resonance of pain and allowed in with the open door of pharmaceutical narcotics.

I was unprepared for what occurred and well aware of just how far I had stepped off my chosen path of the good stuff. I was stripped of access to my inner resources by the medications, the pain was dimmed and so was my inner light. After a few months I came through this with a new list of reflections to dive into; waiting until I felt whole again, except that didn’t’ happen as planned either.

Early May, a week before my birthday, I finally felt good enough to attend a friends celebration at a local park. My first outing after a long Winter and challenging Spring. I was feeling so good in fact that I found myself wandering into places I normally wouldn’t go, like the new treehouse inspired playground. It was calling to me with enchanted views and the fresh air of the forest. I was so inspired, I outwardly declared “I can step out of my comfort zone!” and sat on the slide and went down, a faithful step for a person averse to heights and a bit faster than I expected I will say.

I slid with grace but landed with a POP and an immediate awareness I had broken my ankle! Mind you I have never broken a bone before this, and if ever there was a break, this was the doozy I hear. Ultimately I ended up in surgery with new hardware; a few screws, a plate some wires and an entirely new opportunity to face those shadows again. I really thought I would have time to process that last experience first! I share all that to say, today, it has been almost 14 weeks since I broke my leg and I have started walking on TWO feet again. The overwhelming sense of freedom seems ridiculous when I am simply walking down my hallway, but it is NOT ridiculous, it is everything.

I have been using my Quintascension 5 Key system to process my experience and all that it brought forth. We are NEVER done elevating, learning, healing. New pain connected to old tethers and deep hurts found the release it had been longing for within me. I am reminding myself daily that GRATITUDE is the foundation for everything, always; even the dark stuff. There is a reason this happened, back to back challenges that made me face my deepest fears and required me to ask for help with my basic needs.

One challenge was the battle with control, for example, something I once had so little of and so in turn rebuilt my controls to my own detriment. When suddenly unable to TAKE the control I wanted, without options, I had to accept what was, as-is. Now I know this is something I can resolve, allowing for more fluidity in my life. I will continue to evolve and each step I take I can let go a little more of what holds me back from Spiraling Up and Living my Being with all the good stuff that brings.

A walk clears the mind, focuses intention, moves our muscles and helps us heal… broken leg or not!

Join me on a nature walk and share some time with a focus that supports your journey and let the universe unfold it’s messages as we walk! Click the button below and take that step with me.