Terra is my grounding rod and happiness coach with deep insights”


A few years and a lifetime ago, I was a career Chef and restauranteur, the proud owner of a small town café. My mission was to create an experience for my guests; creative, delicious and connected; qualities that now frame my life.  As a Chef, and now a Coach, my passion for serving others is the ingredient that will nurture you and feed your appetite for life… only now I’m serving food for the soul.  That may be why I am a Soul Coach, helping cure your cravings in life by teaching you how to be your possibilities rather than your barriers. 


It is my mission to elevate the consciousness and resonance of the human experience for the greater good of all life; starting with myself.


I see a world of people choosing a life that serves their best self and beyond and it is my intention to meet those people on their journey, when needed, and help make it possible.


  • You be you and I be me and we be accountable for all that means
  • Honesty and integrity matter, especially with yourself
  • Joy is everywhere
  • Love is everything
  • Words matter
  • Be a light in the world
  • What we resonate out is what we get back
  • I am worth it
  • It can be that easy
  • Enjoy the ride
  • Be open to the messages and learn
  • Nature Nurtures
  • A life of joy is not only for those with money and neither are my services (ask about the possibilities)