A Healing Journey

Stepping Onto A New Path I have been absent for awhile, a lot longer than intended. It all started with a small elective surgery that took more to heal than I expected; but that wasn’t really the issue. I found myself face to face with some dark shadows of old, brought forth by the low…

What Is Quintascension Soul Coaching?

I am inspired by Soul Coaching because I‘ve experienced first hand the powerful effects of intentional change. -Terra Soul Coaching was born from Whole Person Coaching® and my natural soul driven desire to help others shine their brightest light. It’s based on the premise that when you come to know, embrace and express all aspects…

I am a Path Finder

Discovering My Purpose. The very first step in a journey can be daunting, it is often a step into an unknown future, founded on hopes and desires for something new, something different. I have embarked on a path much like that and it has reminded me that I have a passion and a gift for…

About Me

Every day we are presented lessons, do you find them? These moments catch your attention and leave you with a deeper understanding of something that feels important. But then what? One such moment happened the morning I woke up with a thought, very clear in my mind… “Life Coaching”. It was a seed plucked from the garden of dreams and planted in my field of curiosity and it has been blooming ever since.

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