Pocket Insight

QUBES are handcrafted with intention. Each ¾” wooden cube is hand drawn with a wood-burning pen, charged with positive loving energy to offer quick insight. Simple to use and ready for travel in the provided carry case; simply roll the dice for a snapshot of how love is flowing through you in the moment.

It’s all about LOVE and how source energy is showing up through you.

What is Source? It goes by many names; source is where you derive your values, wisdoms and connection to something bigger than you.

How is love’s flow driving your mood, your choices, your wandering thoughts? Roll the dice and find out.



Quintascension Oracle Dice Includes one set of QUBES made of 5 custom made Woden cubes in a carry case with intuitive guide. Includes standard shipping. Please Allow 3-5 days to process order before mailing. Please inquire for questions or special orders. All Sales Final.


Already Rolling? Download A Digital Interpretation Card Here!

A Quick Roll To Know…

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